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As of April 2021, Lisa is no longer accepting new clients. It was a very hard decision to make but the ability to care for my current clients is of the utmost importance to me. It is not fair for any individual to have to wait 3 months for an appointment and another 8 weeks or more to get a follow up appointment. The decision to stop seeing new clients was right for my practice. I will update this site when/if my practice opens up again. Sorry for any inconvenience this may create.
With the many stressors of life these days, many people look towards Massage to relieve the stress. Massage gives you peace of mind, relaxation, and the chance to escape those stressors for at least the hour or so that you are on the table and in the hands of your therapist. Massage can also offer the beneficial changes one needs for treatment of injury, the relief of sore muscles, treatment of chronic or acute episodes of pain without the need of medicines and so much more.......
We offer Massage for all ages, infancy to adults. Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Cross Fiber, Trigger Point and Reflexology to name a few....
Cranio-Sacral, Fascial and TMJ therapy.
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        "Lisa has been a big part of my routine for staying healthy, fit and painless for several years now.  Back surgery years ago makes me vulnerable to ongoing pain, and so I make sure to stretch, walk, eat right and get plenty of sleep, and my bi-weekly massage sessions play a large part in my remaining limber and energetic.  Lisa is truly a “muscle artist”, and I highly recommend her services.  She never rubs me wrong!! "

                                                                                  - Ellie 2009   

People often ask, "when should I come back for my next appointment?" Our response to all massage therapy clients differs as all situations differ. If you are in for your first session, it is generally recommended to have a follow up visit within 2-3 weeks.
Why so soon?
The body has what is called muscle memory and cellular memory. On your first massage, your body has to learn whether this touch you are feeling is a safe touch, one that would allow you to relax and receive all the benefits massage has to offer. It may take your body 30 -45 minutes to recognize the touch as safe, setting the feeling into muscle and cellular memory. If you wait too long for a repeat session, your body will have to go through the same process of recognizing the safe touch. If you repeat your massage in 2-3 weeks, you will set that memory in motion. You will find your body relaxes in 10 to 15 minutes and with continued sessions, that time can be instant upon lying on the table.
Many of our clients have a routine that they stick to. Some come for massage every 4 weeks others come once a week or bi-monthly and then others come less often as a treat to themselves. Many come as a preventative. Massage keeps them limber and reduces the chance of injury in there everyday lives. Some come only when they have injured themselves. Had regular sessions been part of their general care, the injury may have been prevented.
Massage aids in relaxation, reduces the effects of sore muscles, strains, sprains, aids in reducing blood pressure, brings peace to the busy mind, allows for body awareness, and so much more.   

Located in Charlton MA serving all local towns including Charlton, Dudley, Oxford, Spencer, Southbridge, Sturbridge, Worcester and much more.

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