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We invite you to discover the many health and wellness possibilities here at InneRenewaL Massage & Integrated Therapy 

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Are you suffering from an unhappy digestive system? Do you have aches and discomforts that you are tired of dealing with? Are you interested in learning more ways to achieve better overall health and quality of Life? Jump over to the contact page and email me to schedule your private consultation or group gathering.


I just came across a great article on doTERRA's Vetiver Essential oil and it's uses. Check out this link and let me know what you think of it. I personally love Vetiver for how calm I feel when I use it as part of my night time routine. I'd love to share it's aroma with you. Just call or email me. “Vetiver Essential Oil Uses and Benefits: Essential Oil Spotlight” 



We are currently looking for individuals that are interested in joining our team here at InneRenewaL Massage & Integrated Therapy.

 Please feel free to contact Lisa if you are involved in any form of holistic healing and looking for a new team to join. 


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